About Us

At Buenos Aires - Ateliers, we are passionate about art, and we wish to convey such passion. That is why we offer an innovative and exclusive experience: the chance to meet the artists in the privacy of their own studios and to share their love for their work.

We invite you to visit art studios with the aim of promoting Argentine contemporary art, placing special emphasis upon those artists whose work reflects topics which are typically inherent to our country.

In every studio, you will be able to appreciate and purchase art pieces elaborated on a variety of supports and through different techniques. The artists who currently participate are María Paula Caradonti, Febe Defelipe, Jorge Frasca, Nora Iniesta, Adrián Lirman, Paula Otegui, Alejandro Parisi, Vanina Prajs, Santiago Raffo, Pablo Temes y Ana Lía Werthein.

The uniqueness of this experience lies in the privilege of having access to and breathing the intimate atmosphere of the artist and his/her work. This will enable you to fulfil a deeper perception of the works of art through a face-to-face interaction with their creators.

We will be delighted to share with you our enthusiasm for art.

You are welcome!

Marina León